Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

1. A jagged outcrop of melting ice jutting out over a stream. Sort of influenced by minimalist/expressionist Japanese ink drawings. [October 2006]

2. A frozen stream coming down off the raised peat bog, same part of Wicklow on the same (very cold) day. Pen drawing with pencil underlay (both pictures). [October 2005]

Photographed February 2004.


blend77 said...

hey, great idea for a blog!

i dont know if you knew, but i am an artist. I had initially intended to add more art to my blog. Somehow the music took over completely.

Great drawings. Ive liked what Ive seen of your photos, so its cool to see them in a diffferent light..


gabbagabbahey said...


yes, I knew you were an artist + worked in graphic design. (Saw some of your drawings on your Myspace I think, and they looked really cool) I assume the background to Zen and the Art is your own? It was definitely an added enticement to stopping by when I first found your blog. I need to do something with the graphics on this blog, probably with the header. As you can see from HfN I like doing something interesting with the title...

I might set up a Flickr profile so I can direct to the original photographs (still using film at the time, so they have to be scanned in). I didn't want put them here, because I wanted to keep the site simple and minimalist. But I'll let you know if I get that up..


(ps. will turn off the image verification thing for comments. Always bugs the hell out of me)

blend77 said...

ha... yeah, the captcha thing...

Yeah, I did the noodly drawing in the background and the weird black image that gets cut off at the top.

i dont know much about web design, but i want to redesign my site a bit. its been the same for so long. I dont want to do anything radical, keep it similar, but update it.

I also hate the header. I need to incorporate it with the black design above it. In fact, that might be the only thing I keep. We'll see. I started working on this octopus print to use... who knows.

anyway, love the site. love the minimalist feel. i agree, a link to the original photo would be better for artistic continuity on the site.

take care man!